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Redefine self-care.


Self-care is not just about mani-pedis, shopping sprees, eating crappy food, playing too hard, and avoiding responsibilities all in the name of "treat yourself". 

It's about accountability. Eating right and taking vitamins, and resting, and following through on our goals and dreams. It’s about an interest in self, prioritizing the trifecta of mind + body + spirit. Making doctor appointments, ending toxic relationships, establishing boundaries, resting, saying no, standing up for ourselves.

We can also do this by prioritizing our well-being. This includes not just the food we eat, but also how we take care of our skin, body and senses. 

Washing your face every night with products that aren't full of horrible chemicals and toxins- that's self-care. Using aroma sprays that won't give you headaches, tonics that aren't full of drying alcohol, elixirs and cleansing oils and waters that are packed with all natural, organic ingredients- that's self-care. 

Get back on the list.


So many of us are in the habit of putting ourselves at the bottom of the list. 

This is the reason Mother & Moon was born. We realized we weren't coming close to factoring ourselves into the equation- and, that something as simple as an oil cleanser that is easy to use could actually make a difference. Or a fragrance that smells amazing, unique, and doesn't leave you with a headache, or a lip balm that isn’t full of petroleum, a tonic doesn't strip  your skin- these small choices can change things. 

Sometimes? Even big things. 

We heart you. We really do.


 Our products are unique, made-to-order potions that are intended to change your life, your rituals, and your overall sense of owning it. 

Our primary focus is on your experience:  from the second you place your order, to the delight and joy you experience when opening your beautifully packaged products and delightful surprises, to falling in love with the line, to reordering... we want you to feel like a queen. 

We strive for excellence. By setting intentions with every bottle we make, packing each order with care and love, it's all for you.

Let us help you take care of you. Okay? Just trust us. 

We've got a potion for that. 

Mother Nature's Apothecary

Oils are magic.


We know- it's hard for some of us to even consider using oil on our faces- but hear us out: Oil is your skins new best friend. 

They deliver yummy, fatty acids and powerhouse antioxidants right to where your skin needs it. SLURP.

They nail it in calming and taming a plethora of skin issues, prevent and treat acne, balance your skin, and nailing that fresh dewy look.

Oil really does clean your face. And well. 

Remember science? Like attracts like, and our potent, decadent, therapeutic oil cleansers will draw out those punk-ass nasty oils, impurities and toxins left over from the day that have set up residence in your pores. 

Simply massage one of our carefully formulated cleansing oils onto your lovely face. Go for as long or as short as you want. 15 seconds to 45 minutes (true story). Get everywhere.  Neck, cheeks, chin- don't forget your temples, your jaw.

Please note our oil cleansers are legit magic for removing eye make up in no time at all. Your face and olfactory nerves will swoon. The smells and aromas are divine. We promise. 

After cleansing, simply place a warm-to-hot washcloth over your entire face. Ahhhh. 

Pause. Breath. Sigh. Allow. Relish in the heat, the smell, the release. Wipe away the day.  

Your face will feel soft, clean, hydrated, and balanced. All in under a minute. 

No wet counter. No wet sleeves. No stripping the skin. Just a blissed-out face. 

Follow up with an elixir, serum, or cream.

Dream big.


Our wish: For you to know you can have straight up divine skin, lift your emotional vibration, clear your energy, nourish yourself, rest easy at night, glow, radiate, and own it- EASILY. 

Mother & Moon believes in a new way of loving ourselves. We are  passionately committed to challenging what self-care and beauty can really be.

We strongly believe that incorporating a beauty line into your life that is natural, that is effective, that is decadent, that is catered just for deserving and worthy you...that counts as self-care, too.


Kind, natural, and yummy.


The amount of dangerous, bizzare, unnecessary ingredients in beauty products is staggering. And gross. And frightening. How is this STILL the standard? 

You can breathe easier knowing the products we made for you are not packed full of nasty chemicals, poisons, and toxins like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde (shiver), synthetic colors, propylene glycol, or artificial fragrances. 


Let's raise our standards, and feel luxurious doing it. 

(Oh and duh- the only animals we test on are us.)

"I confess....I HATE washing my face"


Converted Skeptic: 

I confess....I HATE washing my face. So much that I only ever washed it in the shower. I know I should wash it every night but I despise getting myself and the counter all wet before bed. Then I tried this and my face washing loathing days are over. 

It's simple, doesn't get everything all wet and gross, and takes hardly any time at all. Makeup comes off in an instant (yes even waterproof mascara) and it never stings my eyes like soaps did. My face is left hydrated so I don't even have to use lotion at night. 

Best part is when I wake up. I can't get over how clean and soft my face feels in the morning. It really is miraculous. I actually now look forward to washing my face at night!

Awesome Product!

The skin care is amazing. I got the larger size ageless skin care set the weeks ago and i have used it every night. My skin is really clear and moisturized. I can't judge for myself if my skin looks younger but i actually have gotten some compliments with people saying "are you trying now makeup, it looks good" (I'm not).

I am just so impressed with Mother & Moon's marketing and business model. It's an amazing product, but they package it in a way that makes it so usable. I love locally owned, women-owned businesses, and these women are killing it!


Saving the planet, one little bottle of potion at a time...

I'm loving this product, if not for the packaging alone. The thought and care that is delivered with your purchase is almost as good as the products themselves. And it comes in beautiful little jars - not filling up our planet with more plastics! I am still getting used to the new skincare routine but my skin is loving the nourishment and I am not having patchy dry skin that usually starts to show up this time of year. And my favorite part of the order...the little bottle of sea salt perfume that came along as an extra gift. I really hope this is a product that you will be selling in the future because I plan on buying more of it. It is the perfect scent for me and not full of awful chemicals that hurt me and the environment. I love the concept behind this product and I plan on continuing to use it and to try new things as they are developed. Thank you Mother & Moon!

"This set is the secret ingredient in my skincare recipe"


 This set is the secret ingredient in my skincare recipe. This is going to be a long review because, well, these products are worthy of the details! 

I’m pretty obsessive about my skincare because I have what I would consider special needs skin. I have extremely sensitive, white, freckled, over 40, autoimmune disordered skin, with an expressive face...fine lines, intermittent flares of patchy weirdness, blackheads, the occasional hormonal breakout, and any product too intense makes my skin throw a tantrum. Any missed sleep, stressful day, poor diet choice shows immediately and I look older than my age and people start asking me if I’m okay. 

At the same time, I’m not big on wearing a lot of makeup. I do a cc cream with spf, and concealer for a spot here and there, and that’s it. I feel like good skincare is better than anything makeup can do. 

I’ve found the Korean “honey skin” method is the best recipe for my moody face. I’ve tried many full lines of products, following them religiously, analyzing the results, and was never really happy with what I saw until now. I’ve tried Derma E (aging and vitamin C), Mad Hippie, Accure, Juice Beauty, Andalou Naturals (both sensitive and aging lines), Pacifica Beauty, Honey Girl, MyChelle, and Instanatural...not to mention my own homemade potions. 

My friend gave me the mini ageless set as a holiday gift and I incorporated it into my routine that was working well enough, but nothing stellar. After the first day I saw The Glow I had been seeking...and through to the end of the bottles my skin got more luminous, my pesky blackheads diminished, and I got told by several people I look a decade younger than I am (I’ll take that compliment any day, thank you very much!). 

Then I ran out of the product and my skin went back to just ho-hum. I kept thinking about ordering more, and finally I did, and POW! My skin is back to the best glowy version it can be. 

On top of the great results, using the products feels like a treat, like I am doing something special and magical for myself every day...the smell and feel is fresh and wonderful! Not to mention, the order came is adorable packaging with cheeky statements, and some extra treats thrown in (I will be ordering both of those as well!). My skin is finally happy!! Thank you m & m for creating these products!  

"For the first time in my life, I look forward to washing and moisturizing my face every day!"


Amazing skincare experience!

I am a 34 yr old mom who is frugal, lazy, and put-off by skincare routines. I've never been able to hold myself to doing anything other than brush my teeth every day because it always feels like a chore. For the first time in my life, I look forward to washing and moisturizing my face every day! I have a ROUTINE now. Whoa. Talk about adulting! 

My skin feels hydrated, but not oily. My makeup blends and sets better than ever. I feel spiritually and physically lifted every time I use this product. The value is amazing and the products look so beautiful on my counter. It's everything that beauty products should be. Thank you Mother and Moon! You have a customer for life!"


I am in love with this product! It feels and smells amazing, and for the first time in my life I look forward to washing my face. Thank you!!!

Perfection!!!I love this set. The ageless cleansing oil really cleans my skin and isn't harsh or drying. The clarifying toner packs a bit of a punch and the directions say to use it sparingly, which is good advice. The nourishing oil is so amazing... it feels great going on but when i wake up in the morning after having used it the night before, my skin is so smooth and healthy. Not to mention that each of these smell fantastic. Love this set!!! 

These Fragrances are Divine! Butterflies literally flew around me this morning- these fragrances are amazing! Not too potent for my sensitive nose. And I feel so fresh and so clean!! You girls are rocking this!

Best. Ever!!

This is just what my face needed! Smells wonderful, doesn’t leave any residue. Absorbs quickly but leaves my skin soft and dewy. Really.


Outstanding product!

This was my first magical potion from Mother and Moon and is still my favorite! I always feel like I’m truly pampering myself when I use this oil and as a “gal of a certain age”, I’m especially in to pampering! :)"




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